6A02 T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate

Henan HM Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd mainly manufacturing 6A02 T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate, aluminium sheet, aluminium coil, aluminium foil and aluminium circle, with capacity 200,000 MT yearly, 60% of them are export oversea, mainly to North America,South America, Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia.

6A02 T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate, HM have twelve casting mills,max working width 1650mm; one direct casting mill, max working width 2250mm, two continues casting mills, with max working with 1650mm and 1450mm. Three aluminum circle producing lines, 10 sets annealing furnace,three cutting lines, one tension leveling line.

If you need 6A02 T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate, please feel free to send Email to [email protected], HM always welcome you!

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